About Your Pool . .

Whether you’re planning an elaborate backyard resort sanctuary for your family’s permanent staycation or just considering a pool remodel, consider this thread a compilation of the latest innovations and inspirations to the perfect pool.

Know that you can take a pool remodel or addition as far as you want in a project. Resurfacing the pool or upgrading the plumbing and redoing the patio – remember the moments shared in this space are for leisure, fun, and gatherings.

Pools & Water Features

Swimming pools are a plus for a variety of people with different tastes and styles. It’s a great feature for relaxation, great for guests, parties, and exercise. The possibilities in design and usage with swimming pools are almost endless ensuring there is a perfect fit for you. Artificial waterfalls, spouts, and rock features add a playful touch for both kids and adults, while grottoes and rock slides are known to be of the best ways to create a one-of-a-kind pool.

Other than their aesthetics and inspirational qualities, water features offer alternative practical benefits for homeowners. Fun Fact: They add humidity to dry environments, reduce noise pollution from nearby roads and houses, and increase the resale value of your home. If you’re the introverted reader who enjoys being outdoors can you envision the sounds of the water droplets from the slow running fountain in your yard as you sway on a hammock tied between two large palm trees? We sure can.

Renovated Oasis

If beginning a pool remodel or new construction don’t hesitate to dive into your imagination no matter what the yard size is.

Let’s talk shapes. Pool shapes that help in the direction of keeping an aesthetic blend into the landscape and structure of the home. It doesn’t stop at the shape! There is more depth in remodeling a pool, no pun intended than just structural!

  • Oval
  • Kidney
  • Figure 8
  • Rectangular
  • Lazy L
  • Circular
  • Free Form
  • Geometric
  • Grecian
  • Roman

Details to consider are interior pool features. This ranges from seating, lighting, edges, plumbing and more. More fun and festive pools might do well with shelves for beverages. Pools connected to bar and cocktail island tops are also a homeowner favorite. Pool bars are famous for being complemented by built-in stools to match the pool design while giving the swimmer a break from swimming and standing. Submerged seating and benches are also great features to add around the pool.

Alternative features that have been more common infinity and “zero” edges, UV lighting systems, misting systems, and handy pool cleaning technology. Infinity edges and design has been most requested by homeowners who live on slopes, hillside, and hilltops searching for a panoramic view of the scenery right from their pool. UV lighting inside and outside of the pool are always a great idea not only as a safety precaution for any night dip but they’re also a decorative tool for any outdoor soiree you’ve got planned. Remember cleaning and maintenance practices can be timely and costly. Consider investing in self-cleaning and eco-friendly pool maintenance technology and materials recommended by a contractor or specialist.

Plumbing & technology recommendations include saltwater and chlorination systems, regular filtration systems, variable speed pumps, jets, digital controls, and even leaky pipes. Carefully selecting and investing could benefit how frequent a pool needs to be cleaned and save you money on any unforeseen pool maintenance and issues.