The kitchen is one of the most creative places in the home. From cooking your favorite meals to decorating every corner and every aspect. Originally, the back-splash was incorporated primarily to protect the wall from liquids and water. However this also serves as the focal point for a kitchen renovation.

Whether you choose to do a full-kitchen remodel or a new coat of paint and appliances; adding a beautiful back-splash gives your area a whole new glistening look! With each different tile and finish type, it can be overwhelming to try choose one design when you love them all. At EGN Builders we are always more than excited to present different styles and
other types of tiles designs to magnify your vision. Below we will uncover some of the ideas that have set the tone for modern kitchen design and remodels.

When brainstorming what look best fits your taste and your home consider a few different aspects for back-splashes. Picking the right tile for your area is crucial. There usually tends to be more square footage of wall space above the range and sink, so you can play with tile design. Another way to get started on selecting your tile design, what shapes are you thinking best fit your space? Are you going for traditional themed deigns? Modern pieces? Often times, most homeowners have interest in diagonal tile, laser cut tile, and subway tiles. Here a just a few different options for you to get creative with; hand painted tiles, specialty-shaped tiles, herringbone tiles and mosaic tiles.

Mosaic Mix & Match Tile & Shape

Diagonal Cut

Laser Cut

Herringbone Tile

Consider having some mix and matching fun with your kitchen remodel. It is important for you to think about how your tile will match your counter tops, flooring, walls and appliances. One of the most common kitchen designs are back-splashes with white cabinets. Also consider the height of your back-splash! Think about going in a more radical direction and extending the back-splash to ceiling height.

Make sure to also plan ahead! If completely re-positioning your kitchen be sure to plan your layout, determining your preferred back-splash, height, and total area to be covered. This is certain to help calculate the amount of tile our professional contractors will need to best execute your design.

Ceiling – Height

Stone Subway Tile – White Cabinets – Black Counter Tops

Alternative tips to consider before diving into the renovation and upgrade of your kitchen is thinking about where is your investment zone (where will most of your tile make it’s statement appearance?), budget (consider eco-friendly material), avoiding common mistakes (hiring an inexperienced contractor to do a sloppy job or verifying what you want is in stock and possible) , wear and tear (How easily can you clean the tile, and what is the best way to seal it? Will it get stained? Does it need maintenance?)

Once you’ve analyzed your vision, your layout, material type and shape, get excited for what is to come! The pros of adding life to your kitchen design and how easier it can be to clean. Kitchens that don’t have back-splashes tend to be more prone to pests because when you have a back-splash installed, the wall is completely sealed. Not only can you add to a kitchen or bathroom, what most homeowners enjoy and love about this aspect is the fact that it makes for easy cleaning! In most cases, all you have to do is wipe down the back-splash with a damp cloth or sponge and the task is done.

For many homeowners doing kitchen remodels, the back-splash phase is definitely one of the most enjoyable and creative project phases. If you’re interested in learning more about kitchen remodels CLICK HERE.